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Fraxel Treatment Acne Scars

People, who suffered from severe acne, are often accompanied by scars on the face, the back, or the chest, even years later – an optical flaw, which can substantially compromise quality of life. The most important fields of application for the Fraxel laser treatment of acne scars are dent-shaped, bell-mounted, and bowl-shaped scars after severe acne in the area of the cheeks, temples and the forehead. 

Admittedly, with the innovative Fraxel Repair, a fractionated CO2 laser treatment, acne scars do not magically disappear, but they can be reduced significantly. With earlier CO2 laser procedures, skin was skimmed by 100%; with the new Fraxel Repair procedure, many microscopically small laser beams penetrate deep skin layers and remove only a small part of the skin area. The remaining, untreated areas between wounds lead to a faster wound healing of the skin, and thus to a shorter down time of the patient. The body is stimulated to produce new, healthy skin. Thanks to this method, we achieve visible immediate effects and long-term successes, since skin layers continue to heal and the complexion improves during the following three to six months.

Fraxel repair

Fraxel-Laser Acne scars

Fraxel repair uses a fractionated CO2-technology for skin-resurfacing. During this, thousands of microscopically small laser beams deeply penetrate the skin, remove old and damaged skin cells, and stimulate the new production of collagen in deep layers of the skin. These laser beams are only directly to small areas of the skin, thus, the neighbouring tissue remains unaffected. This fractionated treatment enables a quicker natural healing process of the skin, than in a complete peeling of the upper layer.

Medical treatments

Acne Scars

  • Fraxel-Laser
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Chemical peelings
  • Green Peel
  • Derma roll
  • hyaluronic acid

Laser Treatment

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