wrinkle treatment

Fresh eyelid with hyaluron

Radiant and beautiful eyes belong to a youthful, fresh and vital appearance. However, especially in the eye area, aging processes and a diminishing tension force are particularly evident. The eye region loses its radiance. As an eye-ring, the Volksmund designates an alteration of the lower eyelid occurring in old age, with the result that we are tired, untroubled, and tired of our fellow human beings.

In addition, due to the loss of adipose tissue in the eye and cheek area, even a young age can develop a depression, extending outward from the inner angle of the eye. This so-called tear trough or "tear trough" can now safely and simply be treated with a high-quality hyaluronic acid fillers with excellent results. The hyaluronan fillers can also help to improve the quality of the skin by increasing the moisture content, the tension and the suppleness of the skin. With new injection techniques (cannulas) this is possible without hematoma formation and downtime even in the highly sensory eye part.The result is lasting up to 2 years.

With a hyaluronic acid treatment of the crow's feet, tear gutter, chattering or filling the car area, they can turn back the signs of the times and bring back your youthful self. In addition, non-invasive skin rejuvenation methods such as, for example, A Fraxel laser treatment or thermage treatment rejuvenate the delicate eye area without downtime or surgery by years.


Treatment of the eye part

Hyaluronic injections for a rejuvenation of the eye part

  • crowsfeet
  • Tränenrinne
  • tear trough
  • cheek area
  • eye bags

wrinkle treatment

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