Wrinkle treatment

Beautiful lips

Beautiful lips can provide a younger, more harmonic appearance to the whole face, and count as a measure for femininity and attractiveness. Especially appealing are symmetrically-shaped, healthy-looking full lips with clear contours. Besides a defined lip line, the relation of upper and lower lip is vital, too. The lip’s collagen content decreases from age 40, so-called smoker’s wrinkles and hanging corners of the mouth emerge. Even the little helpers, such as lipstick and lip liners, are only partly of help. Thanks to modern dermal fillers, we can beautify the shape of lips.

Fillers of hyaluronic acids, specifically created for lip outlining and modelling, are injected in small amounts into the lips. Thus, the individually desired shape is reconstructed. Usually it is sensible to combine a muscle-relaxation with botulinum toxin with the buildup of lip-volume. We offer a filler of hyaluronic acid with a local anaesthetic Lidocain, which allows for high comfort during the treatment. During personal consultation, we will show the interplay of muscle movement and decreased volume, and create a treatment concept with you. 

During lip volume treatment we exclusively use brand products.


Schöne Lippen

  • Stirn- und Zornesfalten
  • Krähenfüße
  • Augenlidhebung "open-eye"
  • Plastersteinartige Grübchen am Kinn
  • Lippenfältchen
  • Meso-Botox
  • übermäßiges Schwitzen

Beautiful lips

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