Wrinkle treatment

Building volume

The discovery of minimally-invasive procedures are fillers of hyaluronic acids. When injected, they can pointedly pad wrinkles and make them vanish. 

The shape of a young face resembles a beauty “V” in its proportions, has tight skin and a clear outline. With increasing age, the lower face becomes optically broader, and the “V” tips over, through the sagging of the cheeks and the chin shape. As a consequence, the skin seems sagged especially in the cheek and chin area, and wrinkles and hollow cheeks are more visible. The proportions are upside down. Now, new volume transmitters exist, which make the whole face look younger through the reconstruction of a youthful facial volume. The new compound of hyaluronic acid JuvedermTM®, VolumaTM®, or Radiesse® are injected into the cheek and chin areas to support tissue structures, to stimulate collagen production, and to give the face back its natural shape. This volume substitution provides the face a fuller and more youthful appearance. The treatment is more efficient than mere treatment by injection and more gentle than facelifting. The results are visible within 30 minutes and can persist up to 18 months. This volumetric face rejuvenation is the future of minimally-invasive aesthetic medicine. 

During volume treatment we exclusively use brand products. 


Application areas for building volume

Individual counselling is in the foreground for us, since a natural result has absolute priority.

  • Cheeks region
  • Bay
  • Liquid-Lifting
  • Chin shape correction
  • Eyebrows lifting
  • Beautification of the cheeks region
  • Bridge of the nose
  • Back of the hand
  • Marionette fold

Wrinkle treatment

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