Laser Treatment

Permanent hair removal

Laser epilation can be applied to the legs, the back, bikini area, arm pits, and the facial area. 

For laser epilation, we use a Alexandrit- oder Nd:YAG laser, depending on skin type and response rate of the hair. This laser light has a certain wave length, which is only absorbed by hair pigments. Light energy is passed on from the pigments to the hair roots. Here, heat is created with thermally destroys the hair follicle. The hair root has a dormant and growth phase. Only those hair roots respond to hair roots which are in the growth phase; thus, approximately 20 to 25% hair is removed per treatment session. To reach full and permanent hair removal, four to eight sessions, approximately two months apart, are necessary. Prior to any laser treatment, skin type and degree of tanning is determined. The lighter the skin and the darker the hair, the more efficient the treatment. Hair should not have been removed by waxing or have been plucked before. Blistering, scabbing or pigment disorders are extremely rare when using our new laser system. Before and after removing facial hair, the application of sun screen is sensible. 



Bikini season is coming! A laser epilation is a permanent solution to get rid of annoying hair. From woman to woman.


Laserepilation for men

Chest hair, back hair, leg hair - we make you hair-free.



Mit einer Laserepilation lassen sich störende Haare unter den Achseln dauerhaft entfernen.



Laser removal of undesirable facial hair

Female facial hair and pronounced body hair, especially on arms and legs, often are burdensome for affected women. The undesired growth of hair can be caused by genetic disposition, or can occur in connection to higher amounts of male hormones due to illness. Laser epilation is a safe and effective method to remove hair. Insurances reimburse the costs in the case of illness.


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