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The microdermabrasion is a cosmetic treatment for a targeted and thorough polishing of the skin with gentle crystals of aluminium hydroxide. The fine micro-crystals are blown onto the skin using compressed air. The treatment improves circulation of the skin, resulting in more oxygen reaching the skin cells. Additionally, the cosmetic intervention removes old, dead horny scales in an especially effective way. Through the microdermabrasion, new and fresh skin cells are produced, which are especially receptive to care and active substances, and enable a beautiful skin.

The microdermabrasion can also effectively be used to treat unclear skin with acne and acne scars, but also to treat skin problems such as fine skin creases, scars, pigment disorders and stretch marks. The microdermabrasion is also recommended in skin rejuvenation (anti-ageing) and skin lifting on the face, the neck, the décolletage, and back. The complexion appears more rosy, more even, and more finely-pored. In the case of a predisposition towards unclear skin, the treatment results in fewer blackheads, and thus less blemishes, in the medium rung. To achieve an optimal result against your skin problems, we recommend several treatments, one every two to four weeks. Upon request, we are happy to combine this method with fruit aced peeling, for even better results. There is no downtime through this treatment.

Ursula Piela, our skin specialist, will be delighted to advise you



  • Irregular skin relief
  • Skin impurities, large pores
  • Light acne scars
  • wrinkles, pale complexion
  • Ritzer scars


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