Photodynamic therapy

There are body parts which are permanently exposed to sunlight, for instance during outdoor activities; it is not for nothing that they are called sun terraces. These are the back of the hands, the lower arms, the face, or sparse hair. Especially with advanced age, actinic keratosis on these body parts are not unusual.

The PDT could be called a bootcamp for photo-damaged skin. It beats photo-damaged skin with its own weapons. First, the skin surface is treated with a special creme, which takes effect over a specific time frame. During this stage, actinic keratosis is made susceptible to a special type of light, so that during irradiation by this red cold light, the affected cells are destroyed. With the start of the regeneration period, which can last from several days up to a few weeks, the destroyed cells are rejected and replaced by new, health and fresh skin cells. Depending on the spread, treatment sessions are terminated and the process is repeated, so a full regeneration of the skin is achieved. After successful therapy, which is covered by private health insurance, the skin literally shines with a new gleam. Thus, one does not only does a good deed for one’s skin, but one does provide oneself with an optical rejuvenating cure, too.


Fields of application for the Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

  • Sun damage of the skin
  • Actinic keratosis
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Therapy-resistant warts
  • Improvement of the skin structure

Actinic keratosis - The clinical picture

Actinc keratosis is a skin disease triggered by sun exposure: hornification build on the skin surface, which can even present as an early stadium of cancer. They do not necessarily evolve into a more advanced skin cancer, such as the prickle-cell carcinoma, however, caution should be exercised, and treatment is recommended.   

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