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Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea is a skin disease which predominantly affects fair-skinned adults. Commonly also known as “curse of the celts” or couperose. It often starts out with an enlargement of the blood vessels (teleangiectases) in the area of the nose, the cheeks, the chin or the forehead. Initially, the reddening disappears again, later, they are permanent. In around sixty percent of the patients, inflammations occur, and nodules and pustules emerge in affected skin areas. As the illness progresses, the tallow production, the connective tissue, and the size of pores is increased. Men’s noses can become large and bulbous (rhinophyma).

The development of rosacea can be hindered with early and stage adjusted therapy and accompanying cosmetic treatment. Become active! A massage of the connective tissue in the facial area can support other aspects of treatment in patients with rosacea, i.e. medicative therapy, proper skin cleansing and care. With the massage of the connective tissue, excess accumulation of water in the tissue is carted off more quickly via the lymph channels, and oedema are reduced more easily. In cases of severe inflammatory changes, we recommend to start by regular cleansing.

Enlarged blood vessels in the facial area, which are concomitant with this disease, can be mitigated by laser therapy. During our rosacea-specific consultation, we additionally prescribe adequate medication. With us, you also learn which care products and cosmetics to use, so your sensitive skin does not overreact, and why light protection is an essential part of treating rosacea.


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