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Strech marks

Stretch mask on the belly, chest, hip, or bottom occur though an over-stretching of the skin by a quick growth or quick weight gain and loss. Through pregnancy, these fine skin cracks can occur, too. Although they never can removed completely, like other types of scars, various methods are able to gain significant improvement.

Stretch marks can be corrected by a green peel. With this herbal peeling cure, the undesirable marks can be significantly mitigated through the scaling of the upper skin layer. In the case of fresh, reddened scars, the redness can be reduced by dye laser treatment. Similar to the “Rio-method”, a Fraxel-laser treatment along the stretch mark can enhance the healing process through intended micro-injuries, and replace damaged skin cells by fresh healthy skin. The skin generally becomes firmer and thicker, and the scarred marks become less visible. Especially in the area of the chest and thighs successes are achieved.


Strech marks

  • Greenpeel
  • Fraxel-Laser
  • Microdermabrasion
  • dye laser

Fraxel repair

strech marks

Fraxel re: pair® uses a fractional CO2 technology as skinresurfacing, with thousands of microscopic laser columns penetrating deep into the skin and removing old damaged skin cells. These laser columns are each directed only to small fragments of the skin so that the adjacent tissue remains undamaged. This "fractional" treatment allows a faster natural healing of the skin than with a 100% removal of the uppermost skin layer at once.

The original Fraxel laser is a patented robot scan handpiece, which rolls over the skin without settling and guarantees a homogeneous energy output computer-controlled. This means highest precision, no over- or under-treatment. Subsequent models have a hand attachment, which travels over the skin in a punch-like manner.

Strech marks

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