Treatment of hyperhidrosis

Excessive Sweating

For many people, excessive sweating in the armpits, the palms and soles, the so-called hyperhidrosis, is a significant constraint in their daily lives, and poses severe psychological stress. In professional life, the effects of hyperhidrosis can culminate in the necessity to change the profession and can significantly impair one’s career. Also social behaviour and leisure activities are strongly influenced by pathological sweating. The cause for increased sweating can vary. The trigger is a hyperfunction of the sweat glands. Sweating can generally affect the whole body, or single body areas, such as hands, feet, or armpits. It is important to test whether or not the sweating has a pathological reason, such as a thyroid dysfunction. To consult with a doctor often requires effort, although the patient’s quality of life can be significantly improved by an adequate therapy. Depending on the sweating’s extend and area, various treatment methods exist. 

Excessive Sweating

Treatment approaches of hyperhidrosis

  • Botulintoxin treatment
  • Curettage of sweat glands (removal of sweat glands)
  • Topical therapy with antiperspirants (aluminium salts)
  • Systematic therapy with antihydrotica or psychotropic medication
  • Tap water iontophoresis

Excessive Sweating

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