Laser treatment of tattoos

Personal taste and attitude to life constantly change. Especially young people, who recklessly had a tattoo done, often encounter resistance in their later job. The tattoo becomes a beauty flaw. The same can apply to wrongly done or faded permanent make-up. Take the opportunity of a tattoo removal with a laser. 

Under certain conditions and with the application of newest laser devices, e.g. our new Affintiy QS Nd:YAG Laser, we can remove tattoos, permanent make-up, or dirt-injuries. The brief, highly intensive laser impulses are absorbed by the ink of the tattoo. In that, the layer of colour is dismantled into the smallest particles. Clinically, a fade to complete disappearance of the tattooed region shows. Usually, the de-tattooing is well-tolerated, only light scabbing and redness is visible for a few days. The number of sessions depend essentially on the utilised colour, the colour intensity, and the depth of the coloured particles in the skin. First results already show after one to two sessions, the complete treatment takes six to eight sessions on average. During personal consultation, you will be comprehensively informed about the effects, adverse reactions, and costs of this laser treatment. 


Tatoo Removal

  • Amateur and preffesional tattoos
  • Jewellery tattoos
  • Grunge tattoos
  • Permanent Makeup
  • Hyperpigmentation

Tatoo Removal

Which colours can be removed?

Tattoos of one or more of the colours can be removed: black, blue, green, brown, red and orange. Purple, yellow and white can only conditionally be removed. 

Laser Treatment

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